National Water Hygiene Scheme

National Water Hygiene Scheme – Course Specification



To provide an understanding of the need for good hygiene, when working with potable water.

ObjectivesService reservoir for drinking water

1. To ensure that all individuals are aware of the ways in which potable water could be contaminated and how this could be prevented.

2. To ensure that individuals who work with potable water understand that it is their responsibility not to allow the water to become polluted.

3. To ensure that individuals reach a nationally agreed level of training, testing and medical clearance. The objective is that individuals answer successfully at least 22 out of 25 questions in the National Water Hygiene Scheme test.


There are three elements to the training package:

1. Completion of a Health Screening Questionnaire

2. Participation on the training course

3. Successful completion of the National Water Hygiene test

All three elements must be successfully completed before a National Water Hygiene card will be issued.

Course Contentwater mainlaying

The course consists of a series of slides using Microsoft PowerPoint software.


The approach is inclusive and informal.

Group Size

The maximum number of attendees is twelve.

Attendees with reading or writing difficulties

The test may be taken at a suitable location and time in privacy ensuring the individual is not isolated or embarrassed.


Normally about three hours including the test.


The National Water Hygiene Cards are registered on the Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR) and are valid for three years from the date of the course.

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